Meet the Team: Victoria Mudie

Vicki Mudie is the Course Director for the CNM Health Coach Course. She brings life to this course and ensures all students get a wonderful experience studying here.

What do you do at CNM?

Health Coach Course Director

What were you doing before joining CNM?

Marketing & Business Consultant

What sparked your interest in naturopathy?

My Granny! I vividly remember her arriving to stay with her ‘red bag’ full of natural remedies for anything you could think of. She was always encouraging us to be outside, walk and breathe deeply – and she was eating linseed on her salad 50 years ago! Once I had my children I too wanted to learn more to be able to support their health as well as my own and once I realised I could make a career out of also helping others, I was hooked.

How do you think a healthy lifestyle affects people’s lives?

Living a healthy lifestyle is vital to our physical and mental health. It makes me so sad to see the huge quantity of people around the world suffering with chronic illness and mental illness, that could be easily influenced through the incorporation of healthy habits into their lives. We have a responsibility to lead the way and help others to follow.

How do you see the Health Coaching industry in the next 3 years?

I believe that Health Coaching is the link for many between knowledge and application. We have more information available at our fingertips than ever before, but yet we are the unhealthiest we have ever been. Health Coaches are going to become a mainstay in public as well as private healthcare that will influence and support these changes.

What advice do you have for anyone thinking of becoming a Health Coach?

Do it! It gave me back my love of life and made me realise that I will be able to continue working doing something I love for many years to come.