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Wheel of Life Exercise

See which areas of your life are out of balance

The Wheel of Life is a powerful exercise to help you understand each aspect of your life and gain clarity on your goals. Are you feeling fulfilled in all areas of your life? Is your health ok? Does your work make you happy? Are your relationships strong? Is your home environment comfortable? Are you achieving all your goals? If not, why? What is stopping you from making your dreams a reality? We can only create change in our lives if we first understand what the issues are. When we become clear about what we want, we’re able to take action and make things happen.

Try our interactive wheel of life exercise today

How it works:

  • Place a dot in each of the five areas of your life (Yourself, Family, Work, Goals, Environment) to mark how you feel about each one.
  • A dot placed nearer the centre of the circle indicates dissatisfaction in that particular part of your life.
  • A dot placed towards the outer edge of the circle indicates happiness and feeling fulfilled in that area.
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Your Wheel of Life Results

How does your Wheel of Life compare?

What does your Wheel of Life look like? Is it completely round? A little jagged? Or all over the place? Which areas of your life make you feel most fulfilled? What parts do you need to work on to be truly happy? The rounder and wider your wheel, the happier and healthier you are. If your wheel is uneven and out of shape, it shows there are the areas you need to work on to create balance and happiness in your life. Start making positive changes so you can live your dream life.

Need support with your Wheel of Life?

CNM Health Coaches are trained to support clients with their Wheel of Life and help you achieve success and fulfilment in all areas of your life.

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