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Do you want to transform people’s lives, improve your own health and the wellness of loved ones?

  •  Study Online or In-class
  •  Worldwide Accreditation
  •  Qualify in 6 – 12 months
  •  Great Career Opportunities

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Health Coach Course

Study the Health Coach Course, online or in-class with the CNM Institute of Natural Health, the first and only KHDA-approved GA Level 5 Diploma in Health Coaching in the UAE.

With chronic diseases, stress and obesity at an all-time high, the need for Health Coaches has never been greater and the industry is rapidly growing.

A Health Coach inspires to make positive, long-term changes, helping people reach their health goals and achieve balance in their work, home life and relationships. The Institute of Natural Health is looking forward to training you as a Health Coach and providing you with the skills and knowledge needed to transform people’s lives with this rewarding career path.

Study Online or In-class

Our GA Level 5 Diploma in Health Coaching is a five-part course to teach you all you need to know to become a successful Health Coach.

You will learn how the body works, study the basics of nutrition, practice simple and effective fitness regimes, learn how to coach clients to achieve their goals and how to set up your business. The Institute Health Coach course consists of 740 hours of life-changing education.

The Health Coach course can be studied in-class or online. Regular assessments, tutorials and webinars make sure graduates are ready and fully equipped to see clients from the moment they qualify.

Graduates leave with a full package of dietary and business support to help them start a thriving business as a Health Coach.

Health Coach Course Overview

The Health Coach course can be completed in 6-12 months. The 740 hours of training are broken down as follows:

  •   How the Body Works: 120 hours.
  •   Nutrition and Health: 120 hours.
  •   Fitness and Exercise: 100 hours.
  •   Coaching Skills: 300 hours.
  •   Business, Marketing and Promotion: 100 hours.

No prerequisites or prior experience is required.

Qualification: GA Level 5 Diploma in Health Coaching
Awarded by the Ofqual (awarding body Gatehouse Awards) and attested by the KHDA.

Health Coach Training

Through Health Coach training you will be able to:

  •  Identify what nutrients the body needs to thrive and how diseases manifest.
  •  Plan and evaluate individual health regimes for clients.
  •  Discover the role of personalized nutrition and what comprises a healthy diet.
  •  Help clients achieve and sustain goals in all areas of their life.
  •  Recommend the best foods and nutrients for optimum health.
  •  Support clients with lifestyle changes and exercise routines.
  •  Recognize when to refer clients for additional support.
  •  Define your market niche and how to attract your ideal clients.
  •  Confidently take a case and design successful plans for clients.
  •  Market and promote your business to attract clients.
  •  Build a solid client base through productive marketing strategies.
  •  Generate multiple revenue streams through your health coaching business.

Health Coach Syllabus

Download a Prospectus

Download a Prospectus

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