I was always passionate about holistic approaches

Binan Madani – Health Coach

Being a pharmacist meant I knew about medicines’ effect on our bodies, I always believed there were other ways to help people.

What date did you graduate?


What did you do before studying at CNM?

I am pharmacist and used to work in a pharmaceutical company when I was in Dubai. Then I worked as a biology teacher for a high school in Cardiff.

What made you want to become a Health Coach?

Being a pharmacist and having a good knowledge about the medicines and their effect on our bodies I always believed that I could still help people in different ways. I was always passionate about holistic approaches and helping people in another way apart from medicines to improve their lives through healthier habits and behaviours. So when I moved to the UK I started searching and came across the CNM Health Coach program and I said to myself : yes that’s what I am looking for. So I did the course and now I am specialising more in chronic disease holistic nutritional coaching, helping people with diabetes and autoimmune diseases.

What attracted you to CNM’s Health Coach course?

CNM has a good reputation and focus on holistic health . The CNM emphasize a holistic approach to health. I also find the curriculum to fit really well with my goals. The Health Coach  course modules cover main and important parts of holistic health starting from how the body works and nutrition for everyday living, then how to get clients and how to support them in all aspects of wellness and holistic way, either in nutrition or sport or stress and sleeping management. Adding to that they offer the online study option, which is very flexible and very clear.

What did you enjoy most about the course?

I enjoyed every single part of it. I also met new people and made new amazing friends. Coaching and nutrition modules were very informative.

How has studying the Health Coach diploma changed your life?

  • It helps me to improve my health and my family’s health too, I became more aware and educated about what type of food I need to provide for me and my family, and that leads to improvement in my physical health as well as mental health.
  • Increase in confidence, when I gained a good knowledge about diet, food and nutrition in general, that gives me good confidence to support others.
  • More meaningful relationships with my clients based on trust and empathy. I also applied the skills to my other relationships,  leading to more meaningful connections with others.

What are you doing now that you are qualified?

I already started coaching clients, and I have a successful story helping my client to lower her blood glucose level from 15.1 to 7.1 within a couple of months

What do you love about being a Health Coach?

I love helping clients to achieve their goals by providing support, guidance and accountability and helping them to develop a deeper understanding in their health and wellbeing, leading to positive changes in their lives.

How do I train to be a Health Coach?

What skills does a Health Coach need? 

How to get your Health Coach certification

Why is CNM’s Health Coach course unique?