My life changed radically

Natalia Pinnau – Health Coach

Deciding to study to become a Health Coach was one of the best decisions I have made.

Before studying at the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM), I was a full-time mum of two home-schooled daughters. I have been interested in health and wellbeing for many years, studying in an autodidact way. Therefore, becoming a Health Coach was like getting the legal term for what I had already been exercising in myself and sharing with those around me.

I was attracted to the Health Coach course at CNM because the school is located in the UK, which gives me proximity and access to all the events and talks they organise. The talks are always so engaging and interesting.

The lessons led by Bobby Qureshi were the most enjoyable aspect of the Health Coach course for me as I found the information he shared in his lessons to be extremely valuable. I also enjoyed putting the knowledge we learnt into practice by analysing different cases.

My life changed radically. Deciding to study to become a Health Coach was one of the best decisions I have made as I have expanded my knowledge of nutrition, while providing me with the skills necessary to be a health coach. Today, I can dedicate myself to accompanying, supporting and training people to achieve their health goals.

Now that I am qualified I dedicate myself to directing my Health Coaching consultation through my website I have built a client base who are Spanish-speaking, as it is my first language. I dedicate myself mainly to changing habits from improving sleep patterns and finding healthy outlets for releasing stress to finding a healthy weight through the use of nutrition and exercise. What I like the most about being a Health Coach is the contact with the client. Accompanying them on their journey to changing their habits and seeing their joy when they hit targets is amazing. The transformations my clients make are so inspiring!

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